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PI8000 & PI8100 sensorless vector control frequency inverter
PI8000 & PI8100 sensorless vector control frequency inverter
Product orientation: 
Based on the latest motion control theory and technological achievement.PI8000/8100 is brand new sensorless vector control high performance frequency inverter series of POWTRAN Technology. It achieves perfect motor control via servo function, and offers comprehensive drive solution. 
Technical feature:
1. Sensorless Vector control frequency inverter with high performance, excellent quality and low pollution
2. It achieves quick-response and precise control  by decoupling control of motor magnetic flux current and torque current, which makes the speed adjustment and torque control runs at a high degree of accuracy and wide range. 
3. Brand new hardware platform, advanced processing technique and perfect testing equipment, which guarantees the applicable reliability
Function Introduction:
Central control module based on DSP, realizes high-speed and high performance control. Integrate V/F control, V/F+PG control, vector control. Automatic recognize the parameter of the motor! Auto-adjust to the best control mode!
Dead zone compensate function and Automatic slip compensate, 180% torque output can come out below 0.5HZ frequency.
Eight switch inputs, three analog inputs, two analog output, 0-10V or 0-20mA from inside the scope of the definition signal!
Support feedback signal: 0-10v, 1-5v, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
Simple PLC Function, at most 15 segments speed control and 8 segments acceleration control can be realized.
Humanization display menu, highlighted Chinese OLED+LED, simultaneous display 3 groups of state parameters.
Keyboard is hot-pluggable and can restore or copy 4 groups of running parameter programs.
Powerful communication function which can support standard RS485 and Modbus and provide remote keyboard control .
Built-in PID self-adjusting
Rotate speed tracking start and power-off reset function
High effective function on default record and recheck, easy trouble -shooting.
Unique EMC design minimizes pollute to electricity resource.
Entire coating can work in various of severe environment.
Simplicity and fashionable design with industrialize features
Power rating : 0.4~630.kw
Frequency scope: 0.00~2000.00Hz
Voltage grade: 220V/380V/460V/575V/660V/1140V.
mechanics, electronics, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, transportation, building materials, municipal, metal processing, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, Injection machine, central air conditioning, numerical control machine tool, air-compressor, fan and pump, blower, air conditioner for large buildings; wastewater treatment system; water supply system for large buildings; public water supply system and other industries and fields.
"One key to Shuttle," keyboard, swirling free, two-way custom buttons, with the demand for expansion;
Low-frequency large torque, 0.3Hz with the 180% torque output;
Intelligent design, simple PLC + program can copy and download, the Electrical motor parameters ie able to fulfill the smart identification;
Powerful communication function, RS485/MODBUS standard interfaces.

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